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& What do
we do???


In 2016 Sh. Abu Farah the co-founder of Lakemba Dawah Centre decided to open up a stand in the heart of Lakemba's busy main strip of Haldon Street. His inspiration came after experiencing the tragic death of his close best friend Mohammed Nagi (may Allah have mercy on him). Abu Farah's dear friend told him when he gets out of Hospital and finishes from his cancer, that we are going to be doing allot of Dawah-(calling people to Islam)  together. Unfortunately, through Allah's decree, Mohammed never made it through his battle with cancer and passed away (may Allah have mercy on him). In inspiration of Mohammed's dream Abu Farah decided to live his legacy by opening a stand on Haldon Street, supplying free Islamic materials to the community, and preaching the beautiful message of Islam. The purpose of our humble perspective is to give Islamic awareness to our local community educating them on the misconceptions that are promoted by the modern-day backlash of the media and the misinterpreted words of extremist groups. Our mission is to provide the community with aid to those who are in need of modern-day social problems such as alcohol, drugs, marital problems, gang affiliation situations, depression, and much more. We have managed to aid the community with these problems and will continue to contribute to society making it a better and safe environment for all.


memory of Mohammed

رحمه الله

This photo is of Mohammed Nagi (may Allah have mery on him) who is on the right, and Abu Farah on the left.

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